Be your own Cheerleader: Sucessful Women in Business

Have you ever stood in front of a room with a fully planned speech, only to find your mouth dry and your hands shaking?

Ever been at a networking event with your back to the wall with no idea what to say to the people around you?

Do you wish you could be the type of person who goes on Facebook Live looking natural and relaxed?

If the answer is YES then we can help.

We can offer you concrete advice and exercises to help you present and network more confidently.

We use drama skills to help improve your speech, physicality and confidence to become the very best version of yourself when selling your products or ideas.


Get in touch with the office for a free “Practise the basics” pack or to book a 1-1 session


About Nicky

Nicky has been a drama teacher and businesswoman for over 20 years.  Her expertise is in using drama skills for life skills for both children and adults.

What people say about us: “For most of my life, I have dreaded attention and believed that everyone could see through me.  Nicky’s enthusiasm and presence swept me up and I absorbed her energy to deliver what I needed to say.  I now understand the power of the voice and can convey my message and communicate effectively.

Jo Telling,  Founder and Creative Director of Superstar Arts.

Contact Nicky on 07980 607139 or email sussex@helenogrady.co.uk